Mid-Kerry League Beaufort v Cromane

Seniors Our Seniors sponsored by Maurice Foley of MF Decorating had their 2nd win in the Mid-Kerry League when they beat Cromane in Beaufort on Sunday. Beaufort began well with plenty of scoring chances but they went abegging. Their first score came from a 45 by Fergal Hallissey when Liam Careys attempt was saved. 2 mins later Liam Carey had a point after Ger Hartnett set him up. On 12 minutes Niall O’Connor scored a goal and this was followed by another Liam Carey point. Cromane had their first score before Niall had a point from play. Cromane had a free before Liam Carey had a free. Beaufort had another 45 and again Fergal Hallissey scored this. Cromane had a free to leave the half-time score Beaufort 1.7 Cromane 0.3. Beaufort began the 2nd half strongly and when Danny Healy scored a goal the result was without doubt. They also had points from Niall O’Connor, Padraig Hallissey, Shane O’Sullivan (2), Liam Carey and 2 frees from Fergal Hallissey. Final score Beaufort 2.13 Cromane 0.5. Team: Mike Moriarty, Patch O’Sullivan, Gerard Hartnett, Padraig Hartnett, Conor Breen, James O’Reilly, Sean Fogarty, Shane O’Sullivan, Padraig O’Sullivan, Jason Foley, Liam Carey, Padraig Hallissey, Niall O’Connor, Fergal Hallissey, Danny Healy. Subs used: Gary Tangney, Gary Coffey.

Division 3b County League John Mitchells v Beaufort

Minors Our Minors had a good win away to John Mitchels on Saturday last. An opportunist goal from Paudie Coffey set them on their way and led at half-time 1.6 to 0.3 at half-time. They ran out winners on a score-line of 1.12 to 0-8. Kevin Coffey, Ciaran Kennedy, Declan Floyd and Aaron Foley were the pick of a fine hard-working display by the team. Darragh Curran, Ian McGillicuddy, Cormac O’Connor, Cian O’Sullivan, Mike Healy, Conor Cronin, Kevin Coffey, Mike Breen, Ciaran Kennedy, Luke Sweeney, Declan Floyd, Joseph Glinwood, Ryan Sweeney, Aaron Foley, Paudie Coffey. Subs used: Padraig Cronin, Ronan Brosnan, Brian Coffey, Ronan Curran.

Mid Kerry League Beaufort v Laune Rangers

Seniors Our Seniors sponsored by Maurice Foley of MF Decorating began their 2015 campaign well on Sunday when they hosted an understrength Laune Rangers team in Beaufort. Laune Rangers settled better and were ahead in the first quarter but Beaufort had points from Niall O’Connor, Liam Caey (2) , Fergal Hallissey and a free from Kevin O’Brien and once Padraig O’Sullivan scored their first of 3 goals in the first half the game was over on the scoreboard. Their 2nd goal came from Fergal Hallissey after his mid-field partnerFrancis Courtney put him through while the 3rd came from full-forward Kevin O’Brien after an accurate corss-field pass from Danny Healy. The half ended in drama when Beaufort’s goalkeeper Mike Moriarty hauled down Kerry player and mid-fielder Peter Crowley for a penalty. Peter took the penalty himself but Mike redeemed himself and brought off a fine save. Half-time score Beaufort 3-5 Laune Rangers 0-7 . Laune Rangers had a lot of missed chances and also came up against a hard-working defence while Beaufort picked away with scores – 2 points from Francis Courtney (1free), 2 fine points from wing-back Sean Fogarty and full-back Gerard Hartnett. Fergal Hallissey had a 45 and one from play while Jason Foley had Beaufort’s 4th goal. Team: Mike Moriarty, Michael J. O’Connor, Gerard Hartnett, Padraig Hartnett, Shane O’Sullivan, Nathan Breen, Sean Fogarty, Fergal Hallissey, Francis Courtney, Jason Foley, Liam Carey, Padraig O’Sullivan, Niall O’Connor, Kevin O’Brien, Danny Healy. Subs: Alan Courtney, Padraig Hallissey, Gary Tangney, Gary Coffey (all used).

U21 Mid-Kerry Championship Laune Rangers v Beaufort

Our U21s got the season off to a winning start when they defeated Laune Rangers in the Mid-Kerry Championship on Sunday. They began well with 2 points from Liam Carey from play. Darragh Curran made a good save before Rangers had 2 points from play to level matters. Laune Rangers went ahead with a free. Beaufort then had a good run when on 17 minutes corner-back for Beaufort Cian O’Sullivan had a goal chance but was saved. Impressive mid-fielder Shane O’Sullivan was fouled after a strong solo-run and Niall O’Connor duly scored. Niall had another free when the hard-working Danny Healy won a free. Liam Carey added a point after good fielding by Fergal Hallissey. Another goal chance for Beaufort went abegging before Niall O’Connor had a good point after great defensive work by the impressive Conor Cronin at wing-back. A quick 45 saw Fergal Hallissey set Liam Carey up for another point from play to stretch their lead to 0-7 to 0-3. Rangers had a point from play. Fergal Hallissey had a 45 from near the sideline and Laune Rangers had the final score with a point from play. Half-time score Laune Rangers 0-5 Beaufort 0-8.

The 2nd half began with Beaufort having a goal chance but was saved. Rangers had point from play. Padraig Doona brought 2 fine saves from Rangers before Fergal Hallissey scored the resultant 45. A good rob by Hallissey sent Liam Carey on a good run which lead to another point from play from Niall O’Connor. Beaufort’s goal finally came when full-back Brendan Cronin was moved to full-forward as he was carrying an injury and he was on hand to finish well. Rangers got the goal back with 3 points. 12 minutes remaining and Beaufort were leading by 4 points. Niall O’Connor put the result beyond doubt with Beaufort’s 2nd goal again Liam Carey and Fergal Hallissey were involved. Rangers had a free but this was cancelled out by a good point by Padraig Doona off his left. Beaufort finished the stronger with Liam Carey scoring a free when he was fouled and Fergal Hallissey finished the scoring on the stroke of full-time with a point from play.

Beaufort defence was solid with Mike Breen and Conor Cronin outstanding. Beaufort won the mid-field battle while up front Liam Carey and Padraig Doona always looked dangerous. They now play Keel/Listry in the semi-final on Sunday next in Beaufort at 2pm.

Beaufort: Darragh Curran, Cian O’Sullivan, Brendan Cronin, Cormac O’Connor, Mike Breen, Conor Breen, Conor Cronin, Fergal Hallissey, Shane O’Sullivan, Ryan Sweeney, Liam Carey, Padraig Doona, Niall O’Connor, Danny Healy, Aaron Foley.