U14 Ladies Division 3 East Kerry Final Beaufort Vs. Dr. Croke’s

Beaufort 4-09  Vs. Dr. Croke’s 1-03


With All Ireland finals to be lost and won these girls had a final of their own to win with the training exhausted all the hard work done and still 60 minutes of football to play before freedom.
The game started with Crokes working hard and well up for the game. They closed down Beauforts play and invited them into hard challenges in the early stages Jade Potts looking strong early in the game fielding high balls with ease and carrying the game to Beaufort pointed a free in the 2nd.
Saoirse Dorrian adding a typical Beaufort goal on the 5th while Potts put over a free on the 8th and kicking a fine point from play on the 9th, her former Kerry team mate Leanne Hayes was taking no cheek from her answering with a free of her own on the 9th and a well worked point on the 10th, Saoirse Dorrian recycled the ball when hit hard by the Crokes defence to create a point for Emma Kissane on the 11th. A lot of the Crokes play going through Potts and comfortable on the ball she found the net on the 15th to level the game but Hayes popped up again on the 20th with the ball well won in the Beaufort defence and well worked forward when Leanne broke through it looked like she would find the net but met a hard challenge which left Holly Powers on the ground one would think it should be a penalty but a free was awarded Saoirse Dorrian placed it over the bar to give Beaufort a narrow 1point lead at half time. 1-4 to 1-3.
Lucky to be a head in the half and work to be done the dressing room could be interesting, energy levels raised and a reminder of the way they could play and a distinct relay on stopping Crokes playing, spread the ball wide breaks the tackle and away you go. Saoirse Dorrian taking a hard knock late in the first half still a bit shook narrowly kicking a free wide on the 5th Kerry might have David Clifford but we have Holly Clifford and her ability to win the ball hold up the play, find a pass, she kicked two well wanted points in the 6th and 7th before Hayes popped up with a well worker goal in the 12th. Beaufort were starting to play as they do with free flowing football support play and defending until death they took control of the game forced every play of the half isolating key Crakes players scores were going to come. Emily Kissane through on goal on the 15th put the ball over the crossbar .As of usual Beaufort forcing the Crokes kick out winning it and pushing forward Holly Clifford placed a fine finish to the net. Hayes and Dorrian found the target in the 20th and the 22nd with two well worked points. Beaufort were still pushing forward and looking dangerous the ball being well worked with a series of great passing moves the ball was blasted to the net by Emma kissane to finish the Beaufort scoring. Unfortunately Dr Crokes did not score in the half it wasn’t for their hard work but Beaufort fitness and ball work was hard to handle over the last few weeks.
Juillette Murphy collected the trophy from David Randles on behalf of the East Kerry Board and was not found short of a few words.
Another season over nights drawing in the fires on but besides that, these are an exceptional bunch of young players to work with they listen, listen and learn they use what they listen to and learn with exceptional football talent they have achieved what they have achieved this year as a team. Thank you from Eamonn and Mike for your time willingness to progress and learn for your patience and dedication throughout the year, congratulations on your achievements be proud of your hard work.
For the parents thank you for all you hard work driving to and from training and matches affording us the opportunity to coach and progress your kids.
Beaufort Team: Orla O’Brien, Hannah O’Conor, Ciara Casey, Ciara Cronin, Kate Murphy,   Juliette Murphy, Meadhbh Kissane, Meadbh C Horgan, Kerry Eagar, Saoirse Dorrian (1-02), Leanne Hayes (1-03), Holly Clifford (1-02),  Emma Kissane (1-01), Emily Kissane (0-01), Adel O’Brien.  Subs:-  Katie Joy, Cora Coffey, Lauren Foley, Lola Eagar, Emily Coleman, Tara Foley, Lucy Breen, Ethain O’Shea, Sinead Barrett, Grainne Clifford.

U14 Ladies East Kerry – Beaufort Vs. Fossa

Beaufort 7-05  Vs.  Fossa 3-04

With a couple of position changes and ability to play some fabulous football attacking support play and non stop defending these girls are hard to crack  . The biggest change came when Leanne Hayes started inside corner forward unusual but it weakened the Fossa half back line with Hayes hiding in the corner and the centre back following her the gap was opened and the premier league game started goals seemed to be the order of the day with Saoirse Dorrian adding 4 Emma Kissane and M C Horgan a goal a piece making it 6 goals to 2 in the first 20 minutes, a point by Emma Kissane on the 24th followed by 2 by Fossa leaving the half time score 6-1 to 2-2 to the home team.
The second half started with Emily Kissane heading goalward and kicking a fine point on the second minute followed by a goal from Fossa on the third, on the sixth minute Emma Kissane added her second goal of the evening with Leanne Hayes, Adel O’ Brien and Holly Clifford kicking points to close out Beaufort’s scoring while Fossa kicked 2 points of their own to finish the game and avoid the rain.
Beaufort Team: Orla O’Brien, Hannah O’Conor, Ciara Casey, Ciara Cronin, Kate Murphy,   Juliette Murphy, Meadhbh Kissane, Meadbh C Horgan (1-00), Kerry Eagar, Addel O’ Brien (0-01), Saoirse Dorrian (4-00), Holly Clifford (0-01), Emma Kissane (2-01), Emily Kissane (0-01), Leanne Hayes (0-01).  Subs:-   Cora Coffey, Lauren Foley, Katie Joy, Lola Eagar, Grainne Clifford, Emily Coleman, Tara Foley, Lucy Breen, Ethain O’Shea, Sinead Barrett.

U14 Ladies Laune Rangers Vs. Beaufort

Laune Rangers 2-01  Vs.  Beaufort 2-16


Beaufort U14 girls back on the road after a successful ending to last week visiting local neighbours Laune Rangers and wondering could we pull a performance like last week together again. Both teams started well with Beaufort’s first score coming from Meadhbh Kissane in the 2nd.  While Beaufort squandered a lot of chances in the first half and relying on a strong defense they kept the home team scoreless throughout the half. With 3pts coming from Leanne Hayes a point a piece from Kerry Eagar, Emma Kissane, Meadh Colman Horgan and Saoirse Dorrian. Beaufort finished out the half with two well taken goals from Saoirse Dorrian on the 21st and Holly Clifford on the 29th leaving it 2-08 to 0-0.
Beaufort started the second half where they left off with points from Emma Kissane in the 2nd minute, Holly Clifford on the 8th and Adel O’Brien on the 9th. But Rangers had ideas to find the net on 7th and putting over a point on the 14th finding the net for a second goal on the 15th before Beaufort added further points 2 from Holly Clifford a point each from Leanne Hayes, Kerry Eagar and Lauren Foley to win the game.
Beaufort now play Fossa in Beaufort on Sunday 10th September at 6pm
Beaufort Team:- Orla O’Brien, Hannah O’Conor, Ciara Casey, Ciara Cronin, Kate Murphy, Juliette Murphy, Meadhbh Kissane (0-01), Meadbh C Horgan (0-01), Kerry Eagar (0-02), Saoirse Dorrian (1-01), Leanne Hayes (0-04), Holly Clifford (1-03), Emma Kissane (0-02), Emily Kissane, Adel O’Brien (0-01).
Subs:- Cora Coffey, Lauren Foley (0-01), Lola Eagar, Emily Coleman, Tara Foley, Lucy Breen, Ethain O’Shea, Sinead Barrett.

U14 Ladies County League Final – Fossa Vs. Beaufort

Fossa 2-06 to Beaufort 5-11
All the credits go to the Beaufort U14 girls as their hard work, determination ability to listen and learn has won them this long waited County League Final against Fossa on Thursday, 31st August.
On the last meeting the spoils were shared 6-5 a piece, but the delay of the final meant that Beauforts Kerry star Leanne Hayes was back to full fitness after a nasty shoulder injury played havoc to her early days in a Kerry jersey.  Beaufort started brightly putting over 6 points in the first 18 minutes, Fossa added 2 point of their own, then on 23rd and 24ft minute we saw the best of Fossa when they added 2-1 to take a 3pt lead now the Fossa crowed were off their seats little did they know we still had 36 minutes to play the seats were quickly filled again when the Beauforts girls domance, pressure and attacking ability won out they finished the half with two well finished move resulting in goals for M C Horgan and S Dorrian.
The half time score left Beaufort ahead by three points.
While the Beaufort girls remained focused throughout the half time break the main objective was to finish out the game in the first 10 minutes of the second half and continue the momentum they certainly did goals  coming inside the 1st minutes from M C Horgan and S Dorrian which were well worked and increased Beauforts attacking ability. Leanne Hayes added 2 points, M Kissane comfortably find the target before Hayes struck the candle quencher on the 14th after a fine passage of play rattling the net for Beauforts fifth goal.  With Beauforts backs working tirelessly throughout the evening soaking up all of Fossa attacks H O’Connor marshalling D O’Brien well throughout the game, J Murphy was inspirational for the Beaufort defence her sister Kate and M Kissane working very hard to break down any Fossa attack.
Fossa were not willing to give up with D O’Brien S Dennehy  and A Burke working hard to breach the Beaufort defence find their first score of the half on the 14th a goal bound shot was well saved by O’ Brien and pushed over the bar Fossa added two more well taken points on the 15th and breached the Beaufort defence on the 20th and Beaufort not willing to give up conceded a penalty which was well saved by O’Brien in the Beaufort goal.The game well over as a contest at this stage Beaufort finished out with two well taken points from Meadhbh Kissane and Emma Kissane on the 25th minute.
A well deserved win for a hard working bunch of girls, The hooter were blowing and lights flashing from Fossa  all the way back to Beaufort village where the girls were treated to some finger food in the Inbetween Bar with a festive atmosphere.
Beaufort Team:- Orla O Brien, Hannah O’Cono, Ciara Casey,Ciara Cronin, Kate Murphy, Juliette Murphy, Meadhbh Kissane (0-02), Meadbh C Horgan (2-00), Kerry Eagar, Addel O’ Brien (0-01), Leanne Hayes (1-03), Holly Clifford,  Emma Kissane (0-01), Katie Joy (0-02), Cora Coffey, Saoirse Dorrian (2-02).
Subs:- Cora Coffey, Lauren Foley, Emily Kissane, Lola Eagar, Grainne Clifford, Emily Coleman, Tara Foley, Lucy Breen, Ethain O’Shea.  Missing Sinead Barrett