A winning start for Beaufort Minors in the County League

Beaufort 4-08 Spa 1-08

Beaufort minors got their county league campaign off to a great start on Saturday, with a win over Spa . After a slow start to the game, Beaufort got their first score with a point from Ian Mack and from there they went on to control the game with Jack O Connor adding two great goals and points from Sean O Brien and Liam Curran before half time. The half time score was 2-5 to 0-3 in favour of Beaufort. In the second half Beaufort continued to dominate, with goals scored by Oisin O Connor and another from Jack O Connor. Good defending by Beaufort kept Spa to 1-5 in the second half and Darragh Dennehy and Jack Sweeney added points to give Beaufort a comfortable win. Final score 4-8 to 1-8

Winning ways continue for Beaufort in the Mid-Kerry League

Beaufort 1-14 Milltown/Castlemaine 0-5

Another impressive performance by Beaufort seniors today in Coughlan Park Beaufort. Niall O’ Connor opened the scoring in the first minute for Beaufort with a point. Milltown/Castlemaine quickly replied with a pointed free from Jack McCarthy after 3 minutes. However, Danny Healy quickly followed with another point for Beaufort in the 4th minute. In the 8th minute, after a nicely worked pass from Liam Carey, Nathan Breen buried the ball in the back of the net. Beaufort’s dominance continued with 3 pointed frees from the boot of Fergal Halissey in the 10th, 16th & 21st minutes. Milltown/Castlemaine’s next score came in the 22nd minute from Pa Wrenn which was followed a minute later by a pointed free from the boot of Jack McCarthy. Danny Healy’s 2nd point of the afternoon came in the 24th minute and the first half finished with another pointed free from Fergal Halissey.

Half time score: Beaufort 1-07 Milltown/Castlemaine 0-3

The 2nd half began with alot of possession and dominance from Milltown/Castlemaine however they failed to capitalised from this with 2 wides from 2 attempts. Beaufort opened the scoring in the 2nd half with a point from Niall O’ Connor in the 36th minute. And thus began Beaufort’s scoring dominance again. 6 unanswered points followed from the boots of Fergal Halissey, (2 from frees in the 40th & 50th minute, 1 from play in the 54th minute) , Liam Carey (44th & 48th minute) and Niall O’ Connor (free in the 52nd minute). Milltown/Castlemaine slotted over their 4th point in the 57th minute and a late point, from a free, just before the final whistle from Derek Twiss, was their 5th score.

Final Score: Beaufort 1-14 Milltown/Castlemaine 0-5

Beaufort Team:

1. Michael Moriarty 2.Michael John O’ Connor 3. Ger Hartnett 4. Cormac O’ Connor 5. Jonathan Kissane 6. Mike Breen 7. Jeremiah O’ Sullivan 8. Ronan Murphy 9. Nathan Breen (1-0) 10. Danny Healy (0-2) 11. Fergal Halissey (0-7) 12. Liam Carey (0-2) 13. Niall O’ Connor (0-3) 14. Ciaran Kennedy 15. Mickie O’ Sullivan

Subs: Sean Kelliher for Mike Breen, Padraig Hartnett for Jonathan Kissane, Conor Breen for Cormac O’ Connor, Ian McGillycuddy for Mickie O’ Sullivan, Rory Clifford for Michael John O’ Connor.

Milltown/Castlemaine Team:

  1. Cormac Leane 2. Gavin McKenna 3. Kieran Carroll 4. Stephen Roche 5. Pa Wrenn (0-1) 6. David Roche 7. Paul Carroll 8. Brendan Delaney 9. Donal Dennehy 10. Eoin O’ Brien 11. Shane Murphy (0-1) 12. Jeremiah Hayes 13. Jamie O’ Shea 14. Jerome Flynn 15. Jack McCarthy (0-2) Sub: Derek Twiss (0-1)

A winning start to the Mid Kerry League

Beaufort Seniors beat Laune Rangers at home today with an impressive score of 6-15 to 0-6.

Beaufort began the match with an early goal by Ciaran Kennedy after just 6 mins. Ciarans goal was quickly followed by a point from Danny Healy in the 7th minute. Goal number two came after just another minute from the boot of Ger Hartnett who received the ball from James Reilly. Fergal Hallissey pointed his first free of the day after 9mins. Beaufort clocked up 5 wides before their next score, a point from Ciaran Kennedy after 16mins. Ronan Murphy slotted over a point after 20mins which was followed by Fergal Hallissey’s 2nd point of the day from a free after 22 mins. Ronan Ferris continued Beaufort’s scoring dominance with yet another point in the 23rd minute.

Laune Rangers scored their first point in the 25th minute, a free taken by wing forward John O’ Shea. Ciaran Kennedy kicked another point for Beaufort in the 27th minute. The final 2 scores of the first half went to Laune Rangers. John O’ Shea scored a point from a free in the 28th minute and just before the half time whistle Cian O’ Shea scored point number 3 for Laune Rangers.

Half time score Beaufort 2-7 to Laune Rangers 0-3.

The second half saw Beaufort stretch their lead, ┬áLaune Rangers were unable to close the half time gap. 4 mins into the second half Ciaran Kennedy slotted over a point which was quickly followed by a point from Ronan Murphy after 5mins. Laune Rangers 4th point came from a converted free by John O’ Shea, however, Beaufort seemed out of reach at that stage. An untidy punch clearance of the ball from the Laune Rangers goalkeeper after 8 1/2 mins saw Ciaran Kennedy capitalising and putting the ball in the net for his 2nd goal. ┬áJohn O ‘Shea slotted over another point in the 10th minute for Laune Rangers but this score only seemed to ignite Beaufort. A scoring spree of 2 goals, both off Ciaran Kennedy’s boot in the 15th and 20th minute and 2 points from Micheal O’ Sullivan and Fergal Hallissey in the 13th and 16th minutes pushed Beaufort well out of reach. Shane Daly kicked Rangers final score with 9 mins still remaining on the clock. Niall O’ Connor banged home Beaufort’s 6th goal in the 23rd minute. This was followed by 4 more points for Beaufort from the boots of Ronan Murphy, Micky O’ Sullivan, Ian McGillycuddy and Kevin Ferris to round off a most successful day for Beaufort Seniors.


Beaufort Team:

Jason Foley, Michael J O’ Connor, Ger Hartnett (1-0), Cormac O’ Connor, Jonathan Kissane, Mike Breen, James O’ Reilly, Ronan Murphy (0-3), Nathan Breen, Danny Healy (0-1), Fergal Hallissey (0-3), Padraig O’ Sullivan, Niall O’ Connor (1-0), Ciaran Kennedy (4-3) , Ronan Ferris (0-1)

Subs: Jeremiah O’ Sullivan for Mike Breen, Padraig Hartnett for Cormac O’ Connor, Micky O’ Sullivan (0-2) for Padraig O’ Sullivan, Conor Breen for James O’ Reilly, Kevin Ferris (0-1) for Ronan Ferris and Ian McGillycuddy (0-1) for Jonathan Kissane.

Laune Rangers Team:

Padraig Ahern, Ronan Sayers, Cormac Johnson, Pierce Tyther, John Tyther, Chris Riordan, Kevin O’ Sullivan, Shane Mangan, Shane Daly (0-1), John O’ Shea(0-4), Padraig Murphy, David Costello, Cian O’ Shea (0-1), Colm O’ Shea, Eamon Carey.


Billy O’ Shea, Keel.